Essence of Lapponia

The most loved Lapponia silver jewelry pieces have been included in the Essence of Lapponia silver jewelry collection. It is a selection of masterpieces from various Lapponia designers, containing both appraised classics and new inspiring designs.

Flame Bronze Is Back

The Flame Bronze collection formed part of the Lapponia product range in the 1970s. The re-introduction of the line will be part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Björn Weckström’s career as a Lapponia artist.

Kaj Franck Design Prize 2013 for Björn Weckström

The Kaj Franck Design Prize of 2013 awarded by Design Forum Finland has been given to professor, jewellery artist and sculptor Björn Weckström. The prize is one of the most eminent design prizes in Finland and was now awarded for the 22nd time.

The silent language of nature

World-famous photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen, currently a professor of visual arts at the University of Boston, began work a on a set of beautiful art photos based on Lapponia’s ‘silent language’ marketing concept. This cooperation resulted in a collection of pictures that visualizes Lapponia’s message in a truly beautiful way.


Lapponia's brand video shows impressive and stunning Finnish scenery combined with powerful music of one of the most internationally recognized bands in Finland, Apocalyptica.