Lapponia is expression of creative artists. It is also used by its wearers to express themselves. The jewelry reflects the designers' sovereign self expression, passion for art and the northern nature as a source of inspiration. Lapponia's design is unique. It is based on individual vision, the best raw materials, careful handcraft and limited series. Each piece of jewelry stands on its own as a thoroughly considered entity, finalized with attention to even the smallest detail.

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Lapponia logo

Lapponia Jewelry

Inspired by the northern nature, the revolutionary Lapponia Jewelry products have brought joy to the world already for over 50 years.

Unique Design

Based on distinctive form language, the best materials, careful handcraft and limited series - each Lapponia product is an entity of its own, Scandinavian design finalized to perfection.

Handcrafted in Finland

All Lapponia Jewelry products are designed and carefully handcrafted in Finland, continuing the Finnish goldsmiths' long tradition in the art of jewelry manufacturing.