Christophe Burger

French jewelry artist and designer Christophe Burger has designed jewelry for Lapponia since 1989. In addition to Lapponia, he has been making unique pieces of jewelry at his own workshop, in Colmar, France since 1977 and showing his work in many galleries and museums worldwide.

Christophe Burger is a highly esteemed French designer of artistic jewelry who combines his own personal style and researches with traditional Finnish craftsmanship. His form language is essential, geometric and includes powerful structures and surfaces, both charasteristic of Burger´s designs. These designs often bring together different patterns that meet on the surface of the jewelry. Polilshed graphic accents are often present to bring rhythm and energy to the pieces.

A master of wordplay, Burger always names his pieces with intriguing and thoughful names that are an inspiration to the designer as well as the wearer. Additionally he provides the observer with very direct messages. A piece of jewelry should be readable - containing a message from the designer to the wearer and to the observer. “Jewelry is never an end in itself but a means whose poetic and culture-laden message always calls for communication.”

Each human being needs to be recognized as an individual. Wearing jewelry is a specific way to express individuality: it is a non-verbal message to other people. This message is both unique and universal. It always refers to our humanity.

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Based on distinctive form language, the best materials, careful handcraft and limited series - each Lapponia product is an entity of its own, Scandinavian design finalized to perfection.

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