Poul Havgaard

Poul Havgaard’s talent for creating modern jewelry was noticed in 1971, when he joined Lapponia Jewelry. Before his career as a jewelry designer he had worked as a blacksmith and a painter, restoring old churches. Since 1960, Havgaard had a workshop of his own in his hometown of Faaborg. In addition to jewelry, Havgaard also created sculptures.

Silver was Havgaard’s favorite material, even though he designed some golden jewelry, too. Amber combined with silver characterizes some of Havgaard’s designs. This combination is unique in jewelry design.

Forms that communicate with each other were the basis of Havgaard’s designs. An essential principle of his design was to create tension by letting two interesting forms collide. The form language is shared with other people by wearing the pieces of jewelry. A piece of jewelry is a part of an individual's personality.

It can also be a part of the sign language of eroticism and thus a central tool in influencing the opposite sex. According to Havgaard, adorning oneself for another person’s sake is one of the central factors that has influenced culture during the course of history.

Poul Havgaard announced in 2008 that he does not continue to design new jewelry collections for Lapponia and in August 2011 he passed away. His earlier designs remain as one of the fundaments in the current Lapponia collection. The basis of his jewelry lay in organic forms. An essential principle of his design was the creation of tension. It was achieved by letting two interesting forms communicate with each other as well as their surroundings. A piece of jewelry can also be a part of the sign language of erotic, a tool in influencing the opposite sex. Adorning oneself for another person's sake is, in Havgaad’s view, one of the central factors which has influenced culture. Jewelry expresses desire.

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