The Kuu Collection

The Kuu Collection


Designer Martin Bergström joins the respected group of Lapponia designers with his first ever jewelry collection for Lapponia. To be launched in April this year, The Kuu – a collection named after the Finnish word for moon - is a manifestation of Bergström’s eye-catching style, and a perfect fit to Lapponia, known for its convention-breaking designs.

Pale moon and dark Nordic skies are the inspiration behind designer Martin Bergström’s first jewelry collection for Lapponia, named after the Finnish word for moon. “I’ve always been attracted by the Moon - this mystical element that greatly affects our daily lives. the Moon orchestrates a constant circle of tides, seasons and moods that affect Life on Earth more than we realize”, states Bergström. The Kuu Collection is a crossover of organic shapes and contemporary fashion. The collection is composed of several separate pieces, all combinable in multiple ways.

For Bergström, it always begins from hand-drawing; two-dimensional surfaces and shapes inspired by the weirdness of Nature. Roots, decomposition and organic elements develop in his hands into breath-taking abstract forms that have become Bergström’s signature. The Designer works with several international brands in the fashion and interior industry, creating intriguing prints and collections for them. In addition, Bergström continuously develops his own collections for exhibitions and performances. With roots in both countries, Bergström resides and works both in Stockholm and Helsinki.

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