Size Charts and Instructions

How to select the correct ring size?

Ring size Diameter
44 14
45 14,3
46 14,5
47 15
48 15,3
49 15,5
50 16
51 16,2
52 16,5
53 16,9
54 17,2
55 17,5
56 17,8
57 18,1
58 18,5
59 18,8
60 19
61 19,5
62 19,7
63 20
64 20,5
65 20,7
66 21
67 21,3
68 21,5
69 22
70 22,3
71 22,5
72 23

Choosing the right ring size will take a bit of effort and time, but it is important to get the size right - too tight  ring is uncomfortable or impossible to wear and too big ring will easily slip off from the finger. The size of the finger changes, even within the same day. In the morning and again in the evening the fingers are usually slightly swollen, as well as when the weather is hot. In the middle of the day on a cooler weather the fingers are smaller. Therefore the best setting for measuring your ring size is in the middle of the day in a normal room temperature.

Buying new rings is easy if you already know your ring size. Lapponia Jewelry ring sizes are equal to the inner circumference of the ring. The other common ring size system is based on the inner diameter of the ring in millimeters. The conversion table shows how these two different measuments correspond to each other.

Many jewelry stores have special measurement rings that can be used for measuring the correct ring size. At home the correct size can be tested by cutting a narrow shred from a flexible paper, curling it around the finger and using a pen to mark the spot where the paper ring feels comfortable. The length of the straightened shred will give you the circumference of the ring - the correct ring size.

It is important to keep the paper ring as round as possible for it to correspond the real ring. The type of the fingers defines the correct measurement point: a person with larger joints should take the measurement from around the joint, and a person with pointy fingers should take the measurement from the spot where the ring would normally go.

Also the width of the ring affects the size selection. Wider designs require approximately one size larger ring.

If you want to have a ring in the same size as the one you already have, the easiest way to find out the size is to measure the inner diameter of the ring. The best tool for the job is a vernier caliper found at least in some homes. Also dividers can be used for transfering the ring diameter onto a ruler. Note that older rings may no longer be perfectly round and the measurement may be slightly incorrect. Once measured, the corresponding Lapponia ring size can be found from the conversion table.


The length of a necklace

Refer to the image to see how the necklace lengths set. This will make it easier to predict the size of a necklace when worn. The image is also a good guideline when looking for a correct length for a bit lower hanging necklace. Some Lapponia necklaces are stiff and will not set the same way as in the picture.


How to select the correct bracelet size?

Lapponia Jewelry bracelets are measured using the inner circumference of the bracelet in centimeters (straightened bracelet measured including the clasp) 

There are several ways to find out the correct bracelet chain length:

  • measure the length of an existing nicley fitting bracelet chain
  • wrap a coord around your wrist so that it feels comfortabe, mark the point and measure the length
  • measure the circumference of your wrist with a measuring tape. Add couple of centimeters to the measurement - correctly sized bracelet leaves some space for the wrist without sticking to the skin. 
Too small size squeezes the wrist and wears out the bracelet. Too big size makes the bracelet fall off from the hand.


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