Old Jewelry

How to identify Lapponia Jewelry?

The best way to identify a genuine Lapponia Jewelry product is to examine the hallmarks found in the piece. All our jewelry pieces are marked with Lapponia Jewelry logo (1). Some pieces also bear the lettering: LAPPONIA

In addition the jewelry pieces made of precious metals bear the following marking Hallmark (2), International CCM hallmark in golden jewelry (3), Fineness mark (4), Year hallmark (5) and potentially the artist’s signature.

 The Finnish hallmark in a product made of precious metal guarantees the minimum content of pure precious metal of the product. It also confirms that the manufacturer has been registered by the Safety Technology Authority of Finland (TUKES) and that thus all statutory matters have  been duly attended to. The Finnish hallmark is a crown on a heart formed  background with wavelike figures.

The golden products of Lapponia Jewelry are made either of 18 carat (75 % gold, fineness mark 750) or of 14 carat (58,5 % gold, fineness mark 585) gold alloy. The silver products are made of sterling silver (92,5 % silver,  fineness mark 925).


The year of production

Some of our products contain a stamp representing the year of production - this is a combination of a letter and a number. The chart below helps to find the corresponding year.

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