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Planetoid Valleys and other iconic Lapponia pieces available under the Kalevala brand from May onwards


Lapponia Jewelry will be merged with Kalevala brand as part of the company’s new strategy. From May 2020, the iconic Lapponia pieces will be available under the Kalevala brand. Production of the iconic pieces will continue as usual.

“Lapponia has always been based on strong artistic expression. The artists’ work will continue to be preserved under the new Kalevala brand, which is what’s most important,” comments Artist Professor Björn Weckström on the change. “The company must look ahead and make decisions that ensure its future existence. I am confident about the new strategy,” Weckström continues.

Kalevala Koru Oy has owned Lapponia Jewelry from 2005 and has until now operated under two brands: Kalevala Jewelry and Lapponia Jewelry. From May 2020 the company’s operations will be pooled under the renewing Kalevala brand. “For a small player such as us, seeking growth in a challenging and highly competitive market is far more efficient with one brand”, states Kalevala Koru’s Managing Director Kirsi Paakkari.

The unique heritage of Lapponia will continue to be treasured. As proof of this, artist Björn Weckström is currently designing a new collection under the Kalevala brand. The first batch of new products will be available for sale in May.  

The Lapponia Jewelry range will be gradually transferred under the Kalevala brand from May 2020 onwards. “Our focus will further emphasize identifiable and innovative design, always hallmarks of both Kalevala Jewelry and Lapponia,” emphasises Paakkari.

The strategic process will include designing a new visual look for the Kalevala brand, which will be launched next May.

Kalevala Jewelry is one of Finland’s most renowned brands and the most beloved jewelry brand in the country. All jewelry is handmade at the company’s workshop in Helsinki, Finland.

Karim Rashid joins Lapponia Jewelry as guest designer


This spring Lapponia introduces the Sielu collection designed by Karim Rashid, one of the best-known and most prolific designers of his generation. Over 4000 designs in production, over 400 awards and working in over 35 countries attest to Karim’s legend of design.

”We are extremely happy and honored to welcome Karim Rashid as Lapponia guest designer. It is exciting to have one of the most distinguished present-day designers take his approach to Lapponia. While the Sielu collection bears many elements characteristic of Lapponia, it brings a unique twist to our existing range: the design is very recognizable as Karim’s with its smooth, organic forms. We are launching the collection with great expectations”, rejoices Maria Uunila, Lapponia’s director of brand and design.

The Sielu collection represents our constant state of change, the strength to adapt to the fast changing world and the ability to perceive it from multiple perspectives.

”The fluid, organic curves of the Sielu jewelry were inspired by the body on which it rests. I envision the collection as an extension of oneself; a sculptural expression of the human imagination and its place in the natural world”, delineates Karim Rashid the underlying philosophy of the Sielu collection. The name of the collection, Sielu, is the Finnish word for soul.

The Sielu collection consists of a necklace, bracelet and earrings. The necklace and the bracelet are available in two different lengths. The jewelry is handmade of mainly recycled silver (70% recycled silver, 30% originating of Nordic mines) in Helsinki, Finland.

The collection is available at selected Lapponia Jewelry retailers and starting from March 22nd.

More on Karim Rashid:

Half English, half Egyptian, Karim was born in Cairo in 1960. He was raised in Canada and has lived in NYC for the last 25 years. During his career he has explored numerous fields of design, from small everyday objects to grand interiors. His award-winning designs include luxury goods, democratic products, furniture, lighting, high tech products, brand identity and packaging. Brands and companies Karim has co-operated with include Veuve Clicquot, Alessi, Citibank, Samsung and Hugo Boss, to name but a few. He also holds many honorary doctorate dergrees from many universities and is a frequent lecturer at conferences, speaking about the importance of design in everyday life.


Designer Martin Bergström’s first collection for Finnish jewelry brand Lapponia launched this Spring


Designer Martin Bergström joins the respected group of Lapponia designers with his first ever jewelry collection for Lapponia. To be launched in April this year, The Kuu –  a collection named after the Finnish word for moon - is a manifestation of Bergström’s eye-catching style, and a perfect fit to Lapponia, known for its convention-breaking designs.

Pale moon and dark Nordic skies are the inspiration behind Bergström’s collection: “I’ve always been attracted by the Moon - this mystical element that greatly affects our daily lives. the Moon orchestrates a constant circle of tides, seasons and moods that affect Life on Earth more than we realize”, states Bergström.

The Kuu Collection is a crossover of organic shapes and contemporary fashion. “The collection is composed of several separate pieces, all combinable in multiple ways. I want the consumer to give the final touch to the collection by deciding how to wear and combine it.”, says Bergström. The Kuu Collection includes e.g. five separately sold and freely combinable earrings. The collection also includes Lapponia’s signature chain, originally designed by jewelry artist and sculptor Björn Weckström, who originally developed Lapponia’s unique design language. “With this selection, I wanted to pay my respect to Lapponia’s heritage and the work of Mr. Weckström.”

For Bergström, it always begins from hand-drawing; two-dimensional surfaces and shapes inspired by the weirdness of Nature. Roots, decomposition and organic elements develop in his hands into breath-taking abstract forms that have become Bergström’s signature. The Designer works with several international brands in the fashion and interior industry, creating intriguing prints and collections for them. In addition, Bergström continuously develops his own collections for exhibitions and performances. With roots in both countries, Bergström resides and works both in Stockholm and Helsinki.

The Kuu Collection is available from selected Lapponia Jewelry retailers and from April 30. For items made by order delivery time is 6 weeks.

Liesbeth Busman is the new Lapponia Designer


Lapponia proudly presents a cooperation with new Lapponia Designer. She is Liesbeth Busman, a well-known Dutch jewelry designer, who lives and works in The Hague. Travelling around the world and experiencing life in entirely different circumstances has influenced Busman´s design work. “The culture, looks, myths and beliefs of indigenous people have awed and humbled me. There are archetypical symbols and customs that arise over the world in different times and locations.”

The main principle for her work is the perfection of imperfection. To her, jewelry design should be about letting the barriers go. Otherwise, the magic of creation will be gone. Pretty is not essential; the beauty of Busman´s work is often hidden and revealed to the wearer in time. “Beauty is actually a side effect of my work process. When I set out to make something, I want to forget that I am in a process of making jewelry; I just have to let it become what it is.”

Nature is a great source of inspiration for Busman´s work. Nature is never the same, yet it remains timeless. Spring is her favorite time of the year; it is a promise of not knowing what will be ahead.


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