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These terms of use govern the use of the Internet pages (”the Website”) of Lapponia Jewelry, owned by Kalevala Koru Oy (”Kalevala Koru”). The user is advised to read these terms before using the Website. By accessing and using the Website, the user accepts these terms and agrees to be bound by them. If the user does not accept these terms in full, he/she should not access or use the Website.

By approving and following these terms of use, the user receives a limited right to use and view the Website and the material contained in it. However, the granting of a limited right of use shall not mean or cannot be considered to suggest the granting of a right of use to any immaterial right exclusively belonging to Kalevala Koru.
Kalevala Koru has the right to change these terms and limit access to the Website at any time.

These terms of use shall be governed by Finnish law.



This Website contains material protected under copyright. Lapponia Jewelry and the names of the products it manufactures are the trademarks of Kalevala Koru Oy. All copyrights and other immaterial rights, such as registered and unregistered trademark rights and copyrights of design, patents, domain names and trade secrets, connected with the Website and the material presented on the Website, shall belong to Kalevala Koru and its partners.

Any copying, transfer, distribution or recording of the Website and its content or part thereof shall be prohibited without the prior written consent of Kalevala Koru, notwithstanding the exceptions mentioned in these terms of use. However, the user shall be entitled to take and save extracts from the Website for private, non-commercial use. When citing Website material, the source must be indicated.

Kalevala Koru is not responsible for third party websites possibly linked from the Website or the use thereof. The user shall read and follow the terms of use governing such linked websites. By entering such linked websites, the user accepts that the linked websites are not within the sphere of influence or under the responsibility of Kalevala Koru.

Kalevala Koru does not guarantee the uninterrupted or fault-free use of the Website though it shall do its best to ensure the continuous, undisturbed use of the Website. Kalevala Koru shall do its best to ensure that the content of the Website is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. However, Kalevala Koru does not provide any warranty or accept any liability for the availability, operation, fault-free use, non-violation of rights, reliability or content of the Website; the Website is presented as such without obligation.

Kalevala Koru shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use or hindrance of use of the Website or its content or by these terms of use regardless of the cause of the damage, even if Kalevala Koru had been notified beforehand of the possibility of such damage. In any case, the liability of Kalevala Koru shall be limited to the liability expressed in mandatory legislation.

Kalevala Koru shall be entitled to make changes to the Website or discontinue the maintenance of the Website at any time.

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