Dark Flyer Necklace

Gold 18K

This made-to-order product is not available for purchase via the webshop. If you are interested in buying this item, please contact the nearest Lapponia store or ask more from webshop customer service.

750 0/00 yellow gold. Limited availability.

“The black wings of the Dark Flyer necklace create a dark, dramatic effect.
I designed the necklace on the basis of the legend of Icarus, which has always fascinated me and which I have used in many of my jewelry pieces and sculptures. Icarus, rising up towards the sun, achieved something that no one before him was capable of doing: ability to fly. He flies, aware of the fact that a harsh destiny awaits him. The wings melt and he flies to death. However, he makes his mark on history and becomes immortal.”

Material: Gold 18K Stone: Acrylic Article number: 223795
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Björn Weckström
Björn Weckström (b. 1935) is a recognized jewelry artist and sculptor. He was the forerunner in designing sculpture-like jewelry for Lapponia Jewelry, drawing his inspiration from the shape and matte surface of gold nuggets from Finnish Lapland. Designing silver pieces, his aim was to use silver to portray the snowy, Finnish winter landscape with its frozen lake surfaces.
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