Lapponia designers

From the start, Lapponia’s vision was to move away from the conservatism of traditional jewelry and offer wearers ground-breaking jewelry design. The company’s bold six decades have produced a great number of works which have become Finnish design classics. Lapponia’s sculptural jewelry takes wearers of these works of art to familiar and unfamiliar places, from the fells of Lapland to the silver-lined valleys of space.

Björn Weckström

“A piece of jewelry is a miniature sculpture with the human body in the background.”

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Chao-Hsien Kuo

“My jewelry reflects my love for nature and passion for creating.”

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Christophe Burger

“Jewelry is never an end in itself but a means whose poetic and culture-laden message always calls for communication.”

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Liesbeth Busman

“Jewelry is like nature. By closer view it reveals a variety of details and contrasts.”

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Mari Isopahkala

“Jewelry highlights the beauty of its wearer.”

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Pekka Hirvonen

“My aim as a designer is to create beautiful things that express the personality of the wearer with the jewelry that he or she is wearing.”

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Poul Havgaard

“Jewelry expresses desire.”

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Taru Harmaala Chaloff

“Jewelry gives power.”

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Zoltan Popovits

“Jewelry connects its wearer to a specific time, place and people.”

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