Lapponia’s Autumn Collection 2018 is now here. The collection is a mix of classic design by Björn Weckström and a modern interpretation of the Lapponia heritage by Taru Harmaala Chaloff in her Moonlit Eve Collection.

The limited edition gold collection by Björn Weckström consists of three pieces designed in the 1960’s and 1970’s; the Spring Dew necklace (only 85 pieces available in total), the Tundra Flower charm (only 90 pieces available in total) and the Saana earrings (just 50 pairs available in total). The silver pieces Hydra and Eirene by Weckström are reintroduced permanently in the collection.

Lapponia – The Art of Expression

7 Item(s)
Set Descending Direction
  1. Moonlit Eve necklace 1 x 0,0 6ct
    Moonlit Eve necklace 1 x 0,0 6ct
    14K Gold
  2. Spring Dew necklace 1 x 0,02ct
    Spring Dew necklace 1 x 0,02ct
    14K Gold
  3. Saana Earrings
    Saana Earrings
    14K Gold
  4. Tundra Flower charm
    Tundra Flower charm
    14K Gold
  5. Eirene earrings
    Eirene earrings
  6. Hydra necklace
    Hydra necklace
Set Descending Direction
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